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With green natural caffeine as an active ingredient, the local slimming mask reduces the number and size of fat cells in fatty tissue and limits the formation of new ones. Its potency is enhanced by a synthesis of selected essential oils, which enhance blood circulation and thus accelerate lipodialysis. It has firming properties and prevents fluid retention inside cells, without dehydrating the skin. Rich in antioxidants, it improves the ability to renew cells, preventing premature skin aging. The end result is the gradual reduction of fat at the points of application, combined with a smooth, firm, well hydrated skin. Contains caffeine and cinnamon, so do not use it by people who are undergoing homeopathic treatment.

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“ANAPLASIS” was born on January 7, 2013, when it was decided to launch unique original and innovative products in Greece. These products combine the ability and supply of nature with traditional grandmother recipes, through the most modern methods of production and promotion, exclusively in our country.


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Spread a sufficient amount of the company’s LOCAL DEFENCE MASKA daily in the area with circular movements and light massage

Then, for about an hour, wrap the area with gelatin. To increase the body temperature internally in order to the energy of THE LOCAL DEFENCE TO effect the fattissue of the body.
We apply MASKA mainly with mild activity.
Before use we always do allergy test by spreading a drop on the middle of the wrist.
Before each use shake well.


glycerin, aqua(water), caffeine, cupressus sempervirens oil, sodium polyacrylate, zea mays(corn)oil, limonene, benzyl alcohol, rosmarinus officinalis(rosemary)leaf oil, acacia senegal gum, xanthan gum, eugenol, citrus limon(lemon)peel oil, capsicum frutescens fruit extract, dehydroacetic acid, citrus paradisi(grapefruit)peel oil, linalool, citral, benzyl benzoate, cinnamal, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, cinnamyl alcohol.

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