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Collect bathroom toys with this large-capacity organization case that is conveniently hung on the wall. Have your baby's toys flooded the bathroom? You don't have to put a brake on the fun when you can pick them up in a move! This large bathroom toy setup case is shaped like a spoon, so you can easily pick up the toys. Hang it off the wall and dip it in the water for quick concocture. You can even make the scouring fun for your kids - grab the games before they can run away! Thanks to the holes, you can wash and drain all the toys together so they don't get moldy when you store them. The practical toy case features a suspension bracket attached to most bathroom walls with duct tape. For concise toys and not tossed on the floor - without having to press them every time after your child's bath. • Collect, drain and store the bathroom toys in seconds • Large storage basket for many games (games not included) • Light colored finish to see games • Perforated base for fast drainage of water • Wall hook for comfortable storage and drainage

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