Eviol MultiVitamin Energy Plus 30caps

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EVIOL MultiVitamin Energy Plus multivitamins contribute to: In energy production Reducing fatigue & fatigue Mental performance and normal cognitive function Maintaining normal muscle function In maintaining the normal state of bones, teeth, hair, nails & skin. The enhanced composition of EVIOL MultiVitamin Energy Plus with: • Panax Ginseng which helps reduce fatigue and weakness.* • L-carnitine, the responsible amino acid that contributes to further fat breakdown and energy production.* • α-lipoic acid that contributes to the balancing of glucose in the blood by promoting its metabolism for energy production.* gives extra stimulation, energy & antioxidant protection, ideal for the increased demands of modern everyday life. Studies have shown that Lutein and Vitamin A help maintain normal vision. * These are approved health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) or are supported by publications in world-class scientific journals. Who's got it more? People in periods of intense physical & mental activity People who want to maintain the normal state of muscles, bones, hair, nails, teeth & skin Athletes and athletes People who feel atony, physical & mental fatigue Dosage Adults and children over 16 years of age: One capsule a day with food, preferably after breakfast. Contains no sugar & gluten Suitable for people "16 years old"

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EVIOL MultiVitamin Energy Plus Multivitamins give you the energy and stimulation you need, plus… even more energy and stimulation!
It is an enhanced combination of high content vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the production & release of energy in the body.

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