Frezyderm Reform Abdomen Care Cream

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It is safe during breastfeeding and is suitable for those who do Homeopathy. It does not contain caffeine, silicones, parabens, allergenic aroma ingredients, extracts and iodine. Use during the breastfeeding period Homeopathy Treatment of relaxation of the abdomen and buttocks Lipolysis, tightening Reconstruction, repair of the skin Body chiseling

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Tightening cream for skin care after childbirth or during the diet. Its specialized composition mimics the structure of cell membranes and thus achieves greater penetration in depth of its active components. It is enriched with herbal extracts that are securitized and certified.
It treats the relaxation of the skin in belly, buttocks and arms, tightens and rebuilds the skin, repaires and sculpts the silhouette.

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