Health Aid Children’s Echinacea Liquid 50ml

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Echinacea in drops for children HealthAid Children's Echinacea is made to excellent specifications, from the best quality Echinacea Angustifolia extract. It is enriched with aserola fruit extract, a natural source of vitamin C, with strong antioxidant properties. It doesn't contain alcohol, with a great cherry flavor.


The species of Echinacea that we know to date are three (Purpurea-Angustifolia-Pallida). Of these, Purpurea and Angustifolia are the most studied in terms of their action in the natural enhancement of the immune system. The studies are the studies that prove its beneficial properties especially in the autumn or winter months, when the body needs strengthening and shielding, in order to be able to cope. Similarly, at younger ages, it supports the body during the school year, where the risk of a cold, either due to sports or through transmission between children, is very likely.

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