Health Aid Wintervits 30tabs Special Formula with Vitamin C, Zinc, Propolis, Maitake, Ankle, Cuercetine

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Formula specially designed with Vitamin C, Zinc, Propolis, Maitake, Ankle, Cuercetine that helps stimulate the immune system especially during the winter months.

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Due to the demanding life rates, the body’s defense mechanisms decline resulting in repeated disease. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, which are stronged by bioflavonoids (Rutin/Cuercetin). Propolis is traditionally known for its use in cases of nasopharynx infections and research has shown that it works perfectly with zinc. The Ankle is an herb with adaptive properties, i.e. it helps the body cope by modifying its defenses, while the Maitake mushroom has been used for many years as an immune superfood, as it is rich in ingredients with immunomodulatory properties.
HealthAid’s Wintervits* ideally combines the above ingredients and is suitable for those who move in enclosed, crowded areas or come into contact daily with viruses or germs (health professions, etc.), for patients, those who feel the first symptoms of cold or flu and for those who want maximum protection, especially in the heart of winter.
*The creation & production of formulas is a special know-how and trademark of HealthAid.
No. Known: 61215/28-08-09

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