Infant Sun Care SPF 50+Baby Sunscreen

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Sunscreen face and body emulsion for toddlers, offering effective very high sun protection only with natural filters. It creates a waterproof protection film with a blue vegetable color, indicating the exact area of application. At the same time, its enriched composition with chamomile protects against dehydration and irritation. It is absorbed directly and does not leave a white or blue tinge.

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We cover evenly with sunscreen even the difficult spots, such as ears, forehead and nose. We apply enough sunscreen. An adult’s face requires a quantity We evenly cover with sunscreen even the difficult spots, such as ears, forehead, nose, soles and behind the knees. Apply the sunscreen to dry skin 20 – 30 minutes before sun exposure and renew it every 1 hour, even on the surface of the skin covered by the t-shirt and in any case after swimming or wiping with the towel.

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