Korres Body Butter Jasmine

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Super aroma of jasmine blossoms. Food and hydration, ideal for elbows and heels. Rich in Karité butter and Avocado oil, with moisturizing, emollient and nutritious action.


Karité butter:

The tree that produces shea butter or otherwise karité butter is native to many west African countries. Residents of the areas where it thrives collect the fruits from wild tree populations and use their oil to treat many skin diseases.

Modern cosmetology has largely confirmed the reputation traditionally enjoyed by shea butter, as it has been experimentally proven to have strong moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, while protecting against UV radiation.

In addition, it is absorbed very quickly by the skin, allowing it to breathe, without leaving any traces of oiliness, so it is now a sought after material for products that take care of beauty in a natural way.

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