Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers

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• 7 Fun colored glasses attached and stacked to drain and pour your child water • Tagged 1-7 to learn the numbers • Educational and fun • Glasses are placed inside each other for easy storage and for coordinating hands with eyes • The last glass has a propeller on top • 9+ months

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Does your little one like to pour water in the bathtub (and, in fact, anywhere else)? Caterpillar Spillers™ will keep restless spirits busy for hours as they stack, collect, drain, splash, pour and rinse in the bathroom all over again! Your child will love the numbered glasses that come together to form a caterpillar or are stacked to form a ship wheel. The numbers help the child learn to count, while glasses of different dimensions that enter each other help to coordinate hands with eyes and learn sizes.

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