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Reinforced eyelash, with 5 tress tied together in such a way that a three-dimensional mesh is formed. For cat eye look in the eyes that are beautifully highlighted! TIP: The band gives them a ready line of eyeliner on the roots of the eyelashes. They are easy to clean.

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Designed in Stockholm, Sweden Sweed Lashes® launched February 2015 in Åhlens City Stockholm and has in only two years grown to be selling in over 600 stores such as H&M, Kicks and Åhléns all over Scandinavia.

Sweed Lashes® takes false eyelashes to the next level with a wide and fine selection of lashes in three different colours; black, brown and blonde. The collection is designed by one of Sweden’s most prominent make up artists. Sweed Lashes has a unique elaborate band of translucent cotton that gives a better fit and makes the eyelashes easy to use for both professionals and beginners. The eyelashes are hand-crafted with the highest quality and can be used up to 10 times.

Founder Gabriella Elio

Make up artist Gabriella Elio is the girl behind Sweed Lashes®. Gabriella’s career in the beauty industry started when she was 15 years old in one of Sweden’s master make up brands. Only three years later, when she was 18 years, she started her own business and became an owner of her own make up store. Nowadays Gabriella Elio is an established and acclaimed make-up artist in fashion-, artist and the blog industry with a wide and loyal group of clients.

Gabriella’s trademark is the creation of ageless and classical make ups that enhance the beauty within every person.

Through the past years as a make up artist Gabriella felt that it’s missing a complete eyelash assortment with a high and consistent quality that suits every moment and person. After a careful research of what the market had to offer Gabriella decided to use her experience and knowledge to create her own collection of eyelashes.

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1. Turn the eyelashes with an eyelash scissor
2. Measure beroe 3D lashes and cut if necessary. ( Place the eyelash along the eyelid to find your ideal length.
3. Shape its edges into a U-shaped to tilt.
4. Place minimal glue along the tremor and wait for 30 ́
5. Place the eyelashes by pressing on the eyelid.

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